Bread calories: how much bread should you include in your diet?

People have been eating bread since before the invention of writing.
Bread is appreciated for it’s taste and texture,
And is included in the menu of many people.
We all eat bread. But is it good for our diets?
First, let’s discuss bread calories.

White bread calories count for 100 grams is approximately 220 calories.
This means that a bread slice has about 70 calories.
The same goes for pita bread calories.
White rolls have a bit more with 270 calories for 100 calories.
Now, here is a surprise.
Most of us know that whole wheat bread is better for your diet then white bread.
But a whole wheat bread calories count is100 grams of whole wheat bread has also around 220 calories, just like white bread.

Wait, what? Exactly like white bread?
So what makes whole wheat that much better?
Well, the benefit from whole wheat bread doesn’t come from a lower amount of bread calories, rather, it comes from the other nutrients in it.

Whole wheat bread contains complex carbs, in comparison to white bread that contains simple carbs.
Complex carbs are slower to break down into energy.
Making the 220 bread calories available throughout more time.
This has two advantages:
First, instead of an energy spike that fades quickly and leave you tired,
Complex carbs will supply you with a the same amount of energy spread longer.
When energy is not used properly it turns to fat.
And that is exactly why the whole wheat bread calories count of 220 is much better then white wheat bread.
Second, whole wheat bread will make you feel fuller – making you eat less of it.

But what about other foods that are rich with carbs?
Well white rice, for example, has about 250 calories for 100 grams. That is even a little more then bread.
It’s about the same with potatoes (baked, not fried).
Brown rice, on the other hand, has about 150 calories for 100 grams, so you can see there’s a big difference here.

So you see, bread calories count is pretty average considered to other carb rich food.
But unlike other carb rich foods, people eat bread throughout the day along with other meals.

My advice to you is to eat whole wheat bread, but eat it in moderation.
Keep a check on how much you eat.
Don’t eat bread from the basket in restaurants, don’t add bread to a full meal just because you’re used to it.
It’s ok to eat some when you are hungry (depending on your diet), but make sure to slice it thin!
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Good luck,

David H. Mason

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